ATTIK Co-Founder

James Sommerville was an unemployed UK teenager in the mid 1980’s when he saw an emerging technology that inspired a business. He Co-Founded ATTIK a design agency funded by £2,000 from The Prince’s Trust Charity. Over 25 years their work and collection of experimental design books demonstrated diversity and design sprint teams embracing collaborative methods.

VP Global Design, The Coca-Cola Company

James Sommerville joined the Coca-Cola Company not knowing what to expect. Over 5 years he designed Coca-Cola global brand activations, including the One Brand Strategy and Taste The Feeling global campaign. Under his leadership, Coke re-established itself as a cultural leader through bold and iconic design, a direct-to-talent model and powerful systems activated throughout 200 markets.

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We live in a time of disruption and innovation yet we have never found it more difficult to achieve true success than today. Markets are saturated. Competition is global, local, nimble …and instant. Competitive advantage continues to shrink. Brand resources are tighter and it’s even harder to find the right talent. Who’s more valuable and vulnerable; The Growth Officers, the start-up, or the interns. The playing field is more level than ever before.

What all brands and individuals crave is a return to their powerful, impactful self.

The person, or brand leader we once knew. A new engine for unleashing our inner creativity that we know is still there, regain our belief and for us all to exponentially grow as humans, as communities and brands.

Introducing the future of creative talent.

We source and invite the best designers in the world to respond to a global brand challenge.

  • Designed like a creative studio
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