Project Information Nature Valley Rebrand

Here’s a brand that carved trails in grocery aisles as well as the great outdoors. When Nature Valley introduced a crunchy granola bar in 1975 and soon after the debut, sitting down for a meal seemed to vanish. Snacking became the norm in a busy world. Nature Valley responded by creating more bar options: Crunchy, chewy, nut, clusters, yogurt-coated and protein-packed. The brand is also known for its association with the outdoors, creating partnerships with organizations such as the National Parks Conservation Association.

This spirit of innovation, diversity, inclusiveness and collaboration that is fuelled by nature, also fuelled our thinking to then invite 30 designers around the world to discover the graphic voice of Nature Valley. An adventurous and trailblazing, bold move to create a gallery of art that could potentially impact the commercial look and feel of their global packaging. More to come in 2020.

Nature Valley Rebrand

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