Project Information Coca-Cola Contour 100

Can you think of a product that more people on the planet know than Coca-Cola? The famous script logo and contour shaped iconic bottle are so well known that one might even wonder that they actually need a design department at all! Design was always central to the Coca-Cola Company philosophy but in 2015 it was required more than ever.

During his time as VP Global Design, James was seen down into the archives at Coca-Cola’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia because for him, “the past informs what we do today and importantly, tomorrow, whether they were success stories or failures, we can learn from them.” While staying true to the brand heritage, James and his team also look for inspiration by seeking out emerging design talent from around the world who would otherwise not have contact with a multi-national corporation. And of course in true design thinking fashion, engaging with their end-user and customers is central to everything they do. As James says “The 100 year old Coke bottle tells us a story about life and it’s only right all designers around the world have the opportunity to express their version of this icon.”

Coca-Cola Contour 100

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